Client Spotlight: What NOVALUNE LASER Offers Me

Client Spotlight: What NOVALUNE LASER Offers Me

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The following post was written by Andrea Rhea, a NOVALUNE client who identifies as a trans female. In this post, she describes what drew her to laser hair removal, why she picked NOVALUNE LASER, and how the process has helped her so far.
The following post was written by Andrea Rhea, a NOVALUNE client who identifies as a trans female. In this post, she describes what drew her to laser hair removal, why she picked NOVALUNE LASER, and how the process has helped her so far.

For many transfeminine people, facial and body hair are particularly troubling. Beyond the frustrations of unsightliness, razor burn and ingrown hairs, facial and body hair can cause severe body dysmorphia and social anxiety. The presence of unwanted hair can not only cause discomfort with how one relates to their own body, but can also create anxiety about correct gendering.

As a trans female, I have experienced both of these things as a result of my facial and body hair. Long-term hair removal offers an aesthetic and gender-affirming solution. As someone who grew up often at odds with my own body and uncomfortable with how others perceived me, it was important that I find a reliable means of semi-permanent hair removal performed by someone who understood my needs. Katie Caschette at NOVALUNE LASER answered all of my questions about laser hair removal, affirmed my identity, and has continued to provide an all-around comfortable experience.
Since puberty, I have strongly disliked my facial and body hair. Growing hair in new places was arguably the worst aspect of an overall terrible experience. For decades, this hair served as a visible reminder of the disconnect between my internal self and external presentation. I have tried virtually every means of hair removal: shaving, waxing, epilating (a special kind of hell that is similar to tweezing a dozen or so hairs at a time), and depilatory creams (hair-removal creams such as Nair). Each of these methods offers short-term results and involves varying degrees of pain. I have fair, sensitive skin, so it is all but impossible for me to use any of the above methods without provoking razor burn and ingrown hairs.
Due to the discomfort associated with various methods of hair removal, as well as the need for regular maintenance, I have at various times attempted to come to terms with my facial and body hair. I even had a phase in which I grew a full beard and handlebar mustache. After all, I am a millennial hipster. As popular as my facial hair was, particularly with cis hetero men jealous of my ability to grow (and actually style) it, the beard and mustache only further highlighted the fact I was not perceived the way I felt inside. My facial and body hair even gave me pause about fully transitioning as I had long since wanted to. I feared that this external presentation would always prevent me from interacting with the world in an authentic way.
Once I gave myself permission to become the person I had always wanted to be, my first priority was to find the best hair removal method and a technician who met my social and emotional needs. As I scoured the internet for information about hair removal techniques and clinics, I came upon NOVALUNE LASER’s website. NOVALUNE stood out to me for a number of reasons: the website offered specific details about laser hair removal, Katie Caschette seemed to approach her business with a personal touch, and the website mentioned a desire to make laser hair removal accessible and affirming to all.

I discovered NOVALUNE LASER on a website that provided a list of trans-friendly businesses and resources. Of the laser hair removal businesses that were recommended, Katie’s was the only one that specifically mentioned providing an environment that affirmed trans identities. This gave me relative confidence that I would feel comfortable being myself and potentially having to get very vulnerable with Katie. Upon meeting her, Katie immediately put me at ease. Early on in my transition, she saw me for me. She also understood that not every transfeminine person has the same goals, timelines, or financial situations. I felt comfortable sharing the aspects of my body that have caused me the greatest amount of dysphoria for the last twenty years of my life. As we discussed my goals, it became clear that Katie was knowledgeable and forthright.

Katie gave me a clear understanding of how laser hair removal works, how many treatments I would likely need, and the level of discomfort I could expect from the laser itself. Most businesses make outrageous claims about the efficacy and discomfort level of laser hair removal. Some businesses will claim 100% permanent removal for everybody in relatively few sessions. Katie candidly explained that several factors determine how effective laser hair removal is and that the number of sessions needed varies on a case-by-case basis. Laser hair removal is not a one-size-fits-all process. That said, I am thrilled with the results I have seen thus far and the personal touch Katie brings to each session.
From our very first appointment, Katie has prioritized my physical and emotional comfort. While many hair removal clinics upcharge for add-ons, such as numbing cream, Katie includes this with the cost of the session. Katie sees her clients as complete human beings and treats them as complete human beings. I am comfortable talking with her, sharing my goals for hair removal and transitioning, and spending the time that I do in her office. She has created an inviting space, has a wealth of hair removal and skin care knowledge, and genuinely wants to help some of the most vulnerable people in our community feel at home in their own skin.

My name is Andrea Rhea. I’m an artist, writer, and beverage manager based in Denver, CO, and I just happen to be a trans woman. I will be guest writing a few pieces for Katie’s blog as I believe in her business and her commitment to making laser hair removal more accessible to those who need it most. I will discuss how laser hair removal compliments my transition and affirms my gender, explore the various factors that affect laser hair removal efficacy, and pick Katie’s brain to learn more about laser hair removal and the world of aesthetics.