Trading Your Razor for Laser


Trading Your Razor for Laser

Who doesn’t love the feeling of freshly shaved legs? 


While most of us eventually figure out when the best time to shave is through trial and error, there are situations where, frankly, you just shouldn’t be shaving. You probably haven’t even considered some of these scenarios, several of which can jeopardize not only your comfort but also the health of your skin.


  • Before a Pedicure – The tubs and tools used during a pedicure have often not been properly cleaned or sanitized. Because of this, it is not uncommon to contract a bacterial or fungal infection following a pedicure. Best not to increase the likelihood of an infection by having just shaved. 


  • Before Going to the Beach – You never want to shave right before you get into salt water as the salt will sting any tiny cuts or injuries you may have sustained from a razor. Aside from stinging, the salt can also cause itchiness and irritation, ruining what could have been a relaxing day in the water. 


  • Before Getting into a Swimming Pool – Many of us have developed the automatic habit of shaving before going to the pool. However, viruses and bacteria spread easily in swimming pools or whenever there is contact with wet surfaces. One virus commonly associated with swimming is molluscum contagiosum, which can contaminate entire pools and hot tubs. Other causes of infection include contact with infected objects such as towels or kickboards and scratching or rubbing your skin while you are wet, which spreads the virus to the surface of your skin.

    Freshly shaved skin can also become irritated when submerged in chlorinated water. Dermatologists recommend that you wait 24 hours after shaving before jumping into the pool. 


  • If You Have a Skin Infection – You should never engage in any type of self-hair removal methods while there is an active infection on your skin, such as a staph infection. When you shave with a razor, you exfoliate some of the protective skin layers, creating tiny nicks in the skin that you usually can’t see with the naked eye. These minuscule cuts create easy access for pathogens to get into the skin and spread to more areas. 


  • Before Applying Deodorant – With freshly shaved skin comes a compromised barrier, allowing irritants to penetrate, which can cause a painful burning sensation. 


  • Before Running or Playing Contact Sports – You should always shave 24 hours before a game, as freshly shaved skin is more prone to chaffing and thus susceptible to infection. 


  • If You Have Warts – While warts are nothing to be ashamed of, you should avoid shaving over or around them until the area has been treated and healed. Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, an infection that can easily spread to other areas of your skin with a razor blade. 


  • If Your Razor Is Old or Dull – Razors quickly become dirty and dull and must be replaced on a regular basis. You should also never share razors with others. Dull razors can cause painful razor bumps and burn, while sharing a razor can spread skin infections to others. 


  • If You Have Ingrown Hairs – Ingrown hairs occur when the hair follicle is occluded, inflamed, and possibly infected. To avoid spreading infection or further irritating the ingrown hair, you should try and shave around the area until it has healed, which can take a substantial amount of time. 


  • Before Exfoliating – Shaving and exfoliating…. major overkill for your skin. It’s best to choose one or the other. For individuals with sensitive skin, shaving followed by exfoliating will more than likely cause irritation. When you shave, you are removing both hair and dead skin, so exfoliating immediately afterward can be extremely abrasive. 


  • If You are Cold – As someone who runs cold with chronically dry, painfully reactive, and unrelenting itchy skin, shaving in the cooler months plagued me for years. What ultimately helped me was a full round of laser hair removal on my legs. Total game changer!!  


Why are winter months the most ideal time to get laser hair removal on your legs?  


Have you ever gotten goosebumps when you’re standing in the shower, possibly while waiting for the water to fully heat up? That is absolutely, undoubtedly not the time to shave. 


When your body is cold, the hair follicles raise, and not only will your shave be tighter to the skin resulting in razor burn, but you can even shave the top layer of skin off the follicles. Ouch!!  


Lastly, do goosebumps really make hair grow back faster? 


Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Sympathetic nerves next to hair follicles are wrapped around tiny arrector pili muscles. As they contract and cause hair cells to stand on end, goosebumps appear. As this contraction takes place and the hair follicle is stimulated, the hair will grow back at a faster rate.  


Did you know that the average woman spends 131 minutes shaving each month? That adds up to 7,718 times in a lifespan. Or that women who regularly wax will spend $23,000 on hair removal over the course of their lifetime? 


What are you waiting for?? Contact us today for a laser hair removal consultation, so you can say goodbye to those pesky razors for good!