I remember the first time I seriously considered laser hair removal. The year was 2012 and I had just made the move from San Francisco to Kansas City for a job promotion. As soon as I arrived in the “City of Fountains”, I learned a few things: the people are nice, the barbeque is legendary, and not sure what I expected in a state called Missouri but the bikini waxes are pure misery.

Out of desperation, I began to do my own Brazilians at home. Yes, you read that right. Two shots of tequila, microwave wax, distorting my human body to unhuman positions, and a whole lotta ingrown hairs. When my bikini area reached the point of no return, I realized my only option was to seek out laser hair removal. It was much more expensive and a lot more painful back then, but it’s a decision and an investment I wish I had made much earlier.

With laser hair removal, the device emits pulses of highly concentrated light to target and destroy the hair follicle. The procedure is not painless, and some describe the experience as the feeling of a hot rubber band snapping (call me old-fashioned but I tend to always embrace the old adage, beauty is a pain). If you are on the more sensitive side or have a lower pain threshold that isn’t a dealbreaker! Icing beforehand or using numbing cream can minimize the pain considerably.

To achieve that hairless cat looks, you need to be realistic about the number and frequency of treatments and also take into consideration the different hair growth cycles. Permanent laser hair removal can take anywhere from three to ten treatments spaced four to six weeks apart. After a full course of laser hair removal, the client will see a 75% – 90% reduction in hair growth. 

Keep in mind that an occasional maintenance treatment or touch-up may be recommended for maximum results Also, you should avoid waxing or plucking for six weeks leading up to your appointment and always arrive clean-shaven if possible. The day before or morning of is ideal.

So….is laser hair removal worth the investment?

Take into consideration the amount of money you have spent up to this point on razors, shaving cream, depilatories, tweezers, waxing. Many women choose shaving or waxing because it saves them more money in the short term. But isn’t it time to explore a more permanent option?


We can really determine which option is best for us individually when we compare shaving or waxing versus laser hair removal. Essentially, this is a choice between making a large, one-time payment for laser hair removal or making multiple (and we’re talking hundreds over the course of a lifetime) small installments over time. When you really crunch the numbers, the most cost-effective approach to hair removal is through laser treatments.


It is no doubt a personal choice. Speaking for myself, I decided a few years ago that I wanted to develop the lowest maintenance approach to beauty as possible but didn’t want to give up looking and feeling mostly fabulous! I stopped coloring and styling my hair and went completely au naturel (not saying it always looks good, it doesn’t), shortened my daily makeup routine to concealer and lip gloss only (except for special or formal occasions), and learned how to do my own nails (yes, there is quite the learning curve).


I no longer lug around a straightener and curling iron in my suitcase when I’m traveling, I spend much less money on services and products overall, and I simplified what was once a very long “get ready” process. And, after completing laser hair removal on my legs, underarms, and bikini area I can shower quicker, I don’t get those annoying goosebumps when I step out, and I don’t have to manage constant razor burn, skin irritation and ingrown hairs or the scars they leave behind. Since my background is Italian and I tend to have darker and courser hair, it typically takes me about eight treatments to completely eliminate all the hair on different areas of my body via laser hair removal.


The one-time cost for eight treatments, however, is still the best decision for me versus many smaller costs adding up to more money spent in a lifetime. Not to mention the time I save, and, as we all know, time is money!!


Is laser hair removal a financial investment? Yes. But a life free of razors, wax strips, and the repugnant smell of Nair taking over your entire bathroom for days?! Yup, totally worth it.

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